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More and more business owners are switching to digital marketing. With the amount of online users increasing daily by 500,000 people, nows the time to expand your presence and show a wide audience what you have to offer. That’s why having a professional website, maintaining SEO and building your brand on multiple platform is so crucial to your success. We understand the challenges which helps us strive toward achieving your goals online.

Digital Marketing Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, With Us You Have Options.

Brand Strategy

New Business Strategy, Existing Businesses Model Evaluations, Reinventing Branding
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Creating a brand strategy can be the difference between slow and rapid results. Knowing how to represent your business online is very different than how to successful create brand awareness strategies that work. Start your New Business right by developing an online strategy that will expand the awareness of your company’s products/services.

Have you hit a plateau in your business but desire to move the bar higher? Finding new strategies to market your business through a digital marketing agency is the answer. Our team can effectively evaluate wha you’ve done to come up with new techniques to build your revenue streams.


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Social Media

Content Creation, Ad Campaigns, Lead Generation, Facebook for Business, Instagram for Business, Social Media Management, Follower Engagement
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Social Media has proven its worth to businesses in multiple ways. Facebook or Instagram for example are incredible outlets for business page content. In addition, ad campaigns have proven to help drive traffic, convert leads to sales and reach more audience types.

The most effective way Social Media has assisted business owners is how inexpensive ad campaigns are compared to conventional advertising. Whether it be Pay-Per-Click, Pay-Per-Close, Video views or Website traffic, social media can help spread your products and services to the right crowd.

Diamond Networx also excels in Content Creation. We create content that helps maximize organic exposure and shows professionalism.

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Lead generation

Targeted Audience, Analytic Actions, Detailed Targeting Expansion, Campaign Optimization
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Are you spending money on Magazines, Radio Ads or printed Ads and aren’t sure how many clients are actually spending with you? Those conventional methods of advertising are difficult to track Return on Investment because there’s no direct confirmation between those ads and the clients visiting you.

Online Lead Generation is beneficial because it’s all trackable through the data. When it comes to digital client traffic and sales everything can be accounted for. Which shows you how much you spend and how much clients are spending with you from those online ads. The numbers are there and are based on proven algorithms that track performance of ad budgets and revenue.

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Metadata, Alt Tags, Keyword Research, Map List Ranking, Search List Ranking, Backlinks, SEO Management
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Do you currently have a website and a Google My Business profile but feel like those platforms haven’t done much to improve your revenue or exposure? That’s why SEO is such a pivotal tool. SEO is how search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and Safari rank your website and google profile when people search for businesses like yours.

For example try googling your industry and then the city and state you live in (party planners Hot Springs, AR). When the results pop up you are now on the first page or countless results of that industry. Chances are if your business isn’t on the first page then you missing out on thousands of organic search clicks.

This is what makes Search Listings and Map Listings so vital to your growth and revenue goals. We achieve these first page results by implementing SEO, Alt Tags, Keyword Research, Backlinks on your website to maximize optimization of your business ranking.

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Logo Design

New Business Logo, Logo Redesign, Digital Logos
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Logo designs are typically the first connection between your audience and your business. Having the right logo that displays your industry is important.

We specialize in creating logos that demand a second look. Whether you are starting a new business or you have an existing log that needs redesigned for a more modern look, we have you covered. The logos we create pair perfectly with print, digital use or physical use like stickers, car logo and decals.

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Google My Business

Google Ranking, SEO, Content Creation
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It’s no supers that Google is the world’s leading search engine. Hundreds of thousands of people use it daily. Having the business profile your business needs to ensure success is not optional anymore. Google my business profiles help individuals find your business location, view its products/services, message your about your business and traffic people to your other platforms.

We have had proven success trafficking millions of searchers to Google Profiles in the last two years with a combined average of 200,000 monthly viewers.

Could you image having 10,000, 20,000, or even 100,000 people looking directly at your company online to determine if your business is right for them? That’s why you need a proper team to manage you account and get you to the top of your page results.

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Website Design

We Development, Web Design, Custom Templates, Integrated Design, UX/UI, SEO
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Do you have a website? Are you currently unsatisfied with your current website? Then allow our experienced website developers build the professional showcase you deserve.

It’s true that having a website makes you more credible as a business. Credibility help build your influence and brand. Our team of developers knows the in and outs of building the accurate content and information to help you thrive online. Go to website pricing here.

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Web Video, Video Ads, Video Coverage, Media, Video Editing, Drone Footage
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One of our favorite forms of advertising is video media. Video ads for social profiles like Facebook, Instagram or Youtube have proven their worth over the years.

Our production effectively communicate the three W’s.

Who you are as a business.

What products/services you offer.

Why people should choose your business.

We love shooting commercial either on the ground or in the sky with drone footage.


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Want to Drive More Traffic To Your Business? SEO is a vital key to opening the door to more organic traffic.

Have you ever experienced a plateau in your business and desire to grow further. Having the right team to help you navigate the vast world of digital marketing can certainly assist in that.

Our team achieves its results with methods that are proven to work for you. We take our motto serious. ‘At Diamond Networx we work on you Networx while you work on your Net Worth.” Let’s partner together.

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